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Blueprint for
the next decade
of Finance

  • Responsible AI Responsible AI
  • Inclusive Inclusive
  • Resilient Resilient

The GFF 2024 theme encapsulates the overarching goal of the conference. In a world characterized by socio-political tensions, economic uncertainties, and rapid technological advancements, a globally responsible and inclusive financial ecosystem is an imperative.

To achieve that objective, GFF aims to convene the best minds in global fintech to chart a course for the future—one that is grounded in ethical principles, fosters inclusivity, and embraces resilience.

At the heart of this endeavor lies the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI). As we stand at an inflection point in the evolution of AI, GFF seeks to harness its power responsibly, leveraging human insight to drive ethical and innovative solutions for complex real-world challenges. By envisioning a future that is equitable, inclusive, and resilient by design, GFF endeavors to create a financial ecosystem that can adapt and thrive in the face of uncertainty.

Together, let us build a blueprint for the next decade—one that is rooted in collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to driving positive change in the world of fintech.

Responsible AI

Responsible AI

Artificial intelligence is at an inflection point. Harnessing AI responsibly and blending it with human insight can create the next-gen Financial Infratech to drive ethical, innovative solutions for complex, real-world challenges.



With a view to steer the belief that financial services must be accessible to everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status or geographic location, GFF 2024 has ‘inclusive’ at its centre. Achieving such financial inclusion requires collaboration between global governments, financials, and consumers. Together, we can create a financial ecosystem that benefits everyone and provides access to financial services for individuals and businesses worldwide.



We continue to face macroeconomic uncertainty and need to adapt to develop innovative solutions that meet evolving needs. Recent global events have shown that financial systems are often vulnerable to unexpected shocks, such as economic downturns or natural and man-made disasters. Building ant financial ecosystem requires collaboration between all stakeholders on a global level to create a system that can recover quickly from unexpected events. We envisage the next decade to be more equitable and inclusive and "resilient by design", to be able to recover quickly from future black swans.

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